Trump says tariffs “work better” than expected

“Tariffs have a huge positive impact on our steel industry,” he says in a tweet. “Plants are opening all over the United States, steelmakers are working again and huge sums are going into the coffers of the country”. “Customs duties will make our country even richer than it is today. Only fools would not agree, “adds the US president in another tweet. According to him, “for the first time”, China is not in the best position against the United States. Donald Trump announced this week the increase from 10% to 235% customs duties on 200 billion imports from China.

Beijing said it was prepared to impose 5% to 25% surtax on 5207 types of US products, worth $ 60 billion, a “weak response,” according to White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow. The United States and China, interdependent financially and economically, have embarked on a trade war that could affect their growth and affect consumers in both countries.

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