“A.N.G.E.” by Anne Robillard on TV

The fantastic universe of the 10 novels “A.N.G.E.” by the Quebecois Anne Robillard will be animated on TV.

A series, written by the prolific novelist and Marc Lapointe, will be shot in English in Quebec, according to a statement issued Thursday by the production company Hitchwood Films. The texts of the first 10 episodes are finished.

The acronym A.N.G.E. was created for the National Strange Management Agency where employees secretly protect the planet. They fight mercilessly against the Antichrist and his armies. Angels, demons, snake kings, samurai reptilians and humans are involved in this fight.

The first three books of the adventure “ANGE” – “Antichristus”, “Reptilis” and “Perfidia” – were released in 2007. In total, the 10 volumes have passed more than 500 000 copies by combining sales in Quebec and in France. The translation into Shakespeare’s language is in progress. In addition to “A.N.G.E.”, Anne Robillard has written many novels, including those telling the story of the “Knights of Emerald”.


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