Booba and Kaaris rappers on remand

The president of the court, who also ordered the imprisonment of the nine other defendants, justified his decision by “the persistent animosity between the two groups”, the risk of new altercations and the need to protect “the whole of people” . The decision, taken after about two hours of deliberation, was greeted by cries of surprise and protest. “It’s going to be war,” we heard in the audience. Booba and Kaaris remained calm, their relatives in the audience showing signs of support. After two nights in police custody, 41-year-old French rap star Booba and her 38-year-old colt Kaaris will return to jail with members of their security guards suspected of having participated in the general battle. which erupted Wednesday in one of the boarding halls of Orly.

These two figures of the hexagonal rap had that day to take a plane to Orly for Barcelona to perform separately in the evening. But before embarking, their two clans violently clashed under the eyes of stunned passengers, some of whom filmed the scene. “What happened is inexcusable, deplorable,” Booba said, referring to “traveling families,” working people, “and the children who were there at the time. The immediate appearance hearing, which had attracted many journalists, some curious and supporters of both clans, had been exceptionally relocated in the room of the Assize Court of Créteil, equipped with two boxes to separate the two rappers, became rivals after being very close.

During the proceedings, which did not address the merits of the case, the defendants’ lawyers had asked for the release of their clients pending trial. But the court has preferred to follow the prosecution’s submissions, favorable to detention on remand. “What we decided is that justice goes on social networks, on news channels continuously. We did not want to seize the opportunity to have a decision of appeasement for everyone, “said Yassine Yacouti, Kaaris’ lawyer. Detainees face up to seven years in prison.

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