Facebook Slows Down Iranian and Russian Misinformation Campaigns

“Some of these activities were initiated from Iran, others from Russia. These were separate campaigns and we did not identify any link or coordination between them, “said on his Facebook blog, to which he was strongly criticized, especially after the 2016 election campaign in the United States, not to do enough to fight against this kind of abuse.

US intelligence had revealed that Russian operators had used Facebook to try to influence Donald Trump’s election to the White House. Moscow has always refuted these accusations.

In the run-up to the November legislative elections in the United States, the authorities indicated that the Russian intervention operations had resumed again.

“We ban this kind of behavior because we want people to trust the connections they make on Facebook,” said the social network while emphasizing the enormity of the task.

“It’s an ongoing challenge because the leaders (of these activities) are determined and have significant financial means.”

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr called for a sacred union in a statement. For him, the announcement of Facebook reinforces his belief that “the purpose of these campaigns on foreign social networks is to sow discord, that Russia is not the only hostile foreign player to develop these capabilities, and that to counter these threats need companies, law enforcement agencies, Congress and intelligence services to work together. ”

Facebook also acknowledged that it was not possible to tackle the problem alone and indicated that it had worked with law enforcement, experts and other companies.


Facebook has closed 652 pages, groups and accounts “inauthentic” insiders from Iran that targeted people in the Middle East, Latin America, the United States and the United Kingdom on Facebook and other online services.

The social network has been alerted by a company specializing in cybersecurity of the existence of pages controlled by a group called “Liberty Front Press”, which, according to Facebook, is linked to “Iranian state media” including Press TV .

The first “Liberty Front Press” accounts were created in 2013 and 2017 and focused on the United States and the United Kingdom without ever revealing their link with the Iranian state, says Facebook, which says it has shared its information with US and British authorities.


In addition to closing pages related to Iran, Facebook said it has continued to close pages that may be “related to sources, previously identified by the US government as driven by Russian military intelligence.”

The contents of these now closed pages mainly concerned Ukraine and Syria.

Here again the social network indicated to collaborate fully with the American police.

The announcement of this new wave of closing “unauthentic” accounts, following a similar announcement of Mark Zuckerberg’s group on July 31, comes after the revelations of the computer giant Microsoft on the extent of the operations of interference of the Russian government in the United States.

Microsoft accuses Russian hackers in the service of the Kremlin for targeting the websites of American conservative think tanks.

The US software giant said last week it had closed six fake domain names created by the well-known pirate group “Fancy Bear”, which is believed to be controlled by Russian intelligence services.

While Facebook has launched an all-out fight against Fake News and misinformation campaigns to avoid further undermining consumer confidence, the group recognizes that there is still “a tension between quickly eliminating these harmful actors and improving our defenses on the long term “.


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